Panasonic KX-NSX
Communications Server

KX-NSX 2000The Panasonic KX-NSX series delivers the next generation of communication systems to meet today's working style.

Easy to install and equally easy to operate, the KX-NSX Series servers are ideal for businesses looking to connect extensions, without relying on a specific location. Users can assign a phone number to numerous devices, such as their office and mobile phone, spreading their communications over various workplaces using a single number. Multiple users can even share the same extension, applying their own profile so they only receive calls and voicemail intended for them.

In terms of scalability, the KX-NSX2000 can support up to 2,000 users (1,000 for the KXNSX1000) across as many as 32 sites for seamless communication. When a problem does occur, a secondary back-up unit means downtime is reduced.

KX-NSX offers:

  • Stand-alone capability means operations continue in the event of a network outage
  • Remote system maintenance can be performed via a secure connection to a Panasonic KMS server and cloud service
  • UC Pro integration connects multiple devices such as desktops and mobiles, providing a complete unified communication solution for improved customer relationship management.
  • DECT wireless system reduces waiting time and routes calls accurately
  • Mobile phone integration allows mobile devices to be connected as office extensions

Who is it for?

The KX-NSX is for intermediate to large enterprises looking to cut costs with IP networking and to protect current investments in cabling and network backbones.

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